In 2015, a survey was undertaken by the UK Commission for Employment and Skills (UKCES). UKCES found that “the highest density of skill-shortage vacancies was recorded in respect of Skilled Trades posts”. Two out of five job vacancies were due to a lack of skilled workers; this is why now is the best time to upgrade your career by switching to gas. Not only will you be doing a service to yourself, by increasing your earning potential, you’ll also be helping out the gas industry.

On hard-to-fill vacancies, “these were mainly due to a lack of skills, qualifications or experience”. An astonishing 69% of ‘hard-to-fill’ vacancies were due to applicants not having the required skills, qualifications or experience; G&E Training provides all the above. Simply put, by receiving qualifications in gas, you’re securing your future. We understand that dedicating yourself to a gas course can be a difficult commitment, however its a necessary step in advancing your career.

With the gas industry crying out for more Gas Safe engineers, any plumber with the right aptitude would be wasting huge earning potential by not taking advantage. If you can find any significant downside to upgrading your salary by joining an industry with its arms wide open, please let us know!

The industry needs more talent to fill the skills gap. If you believe that a career in gas is something you’d benefit from, give us a call on 0800-044-5850 or email us at info@gandetraining.co.uk.