At G&E, we’ve had many candidates come to us with stories of how they’ve been ripped off by dodgy training providers. It’s important to know which centres you can trust.

Don’t trust companies who send salesmen to your door, especially those who ask for money on the spot. It’s unlikely that a legitimate training company would hassle at your own home, it’s invasive and unnecessary. There have been many cases where salesmen manage to convince people into signing up for a course, only to find it was a hoax or hides additional fees. Moreover, all training centre’s must be accredited by a nationally recognised certification body. Without a certification body, a training provider has no regulation and can effectively operate without scrutiny. Research the certification body if you have any doubts, there’s always the chance it’s a fake.

Selecting the right training provider can be a challenge when presented with multiple options. Even without the threat of being scammed, potential applicants should do their research. Candidates will be spending a large sum of time at their training centre of choice, so a check to make sure it’s features contain what’s necessary to your course is a must. In some cases, an organisation’s ‘training centre’ may not actually exist, so ask to inspect the premises before any decision is made. G&E Training welcome anyone to come and visit the centre, there’s absolutely no reason a legitimate training centre cannot do the same.

Where do the assessments take place? Where does the training take place? How long is the course? Why is this course priced at that amount? It’s vital to know all the facts about a training centre before making commitments. Above all, there has to be solid justification for the cost of the course. Gas courses being charged at over £6,000 ought to be offering some fantastic bonuses you wouldn’t receive at a lower-costed centre. It may seem obvious, but can be easily overlooked; does this course provide the exact qualifications you need in order to carry out the intended work? Use our online resources to understand what qualifications you should be getting from your gas course.

One of our previous candidates paid for a course he would never be allowed to complete, wasting over 2 years and more than £6,000. There are too many organisations out there who’s direct goal is to siphon as much money as possible from unsuspecting applicants.

Don’t put your future at risk by signing up for dodgy training centres. G&E Training put a huge amount of time and effort into training highly competent gas engineers, without cutting corners. Please arrange a visit to our centre during working hours or call us for a chat about your options.

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