This month Gas Safe Register celebrates 10 years of gas safety. Gas Safe highlights important statistics that show what they’ve accomplished so far.

www.gassaferegister.co.uk boasts over 19 million searches for a registered business and 3 million checks on engineers’ ID card details. Since launching in 2009, they have inspected over 41,000 ‘unsafe’ sites, found over 8,000 sites considered Immediately Dangerous and over 32,000 At Risk. Gas Safe Register’s chief executive, Jonathan Samuel announces changes that the organisation intends to make in the near future; “we’ll be investing heavily in our IT systems and refreshing our website”. They want to deliver the service through the best available technologies and offer added benefits to the journey of both engineers and customers.

Gas Safe also reveal that “all registered businesses will now be inspected within five years”, Gas Safe Register are doing a fantastic job ensuring gas safety in the UK’s businesses and homes. With a total of 416,000 inspection visits, Gas Safe is quickly suppressing the threats which come with unsafe usage of gas. Additionally, Gas Safe can celebrate a gas engineer approval rating of 82%, discovered as a result of the Decade Review.

Finally, Gas Safe also raise the possibility of “a form of mandatory student registration”, without going into much detail and declare more findings to be released as they come about.