Do you check the Gas Safe Register when you have gas work done in your home? Gas Safe offer a free online tool for checking the validity of a Gas Safe card or gas company. By using this tool, you’re checking whether an engineer is registered and qualified to work on your gas appliances. You should never allow any gas work to be done in your home unless you’ve seen the engineer’s Gas Safe ID card, they should be carried when gas work is intended.

Astonishingly, over 50% of customers using gas engineers admit that they do not check whether an engineer is registered with Gas Safe before allowing them into their homes. This is an unnecessary risk and they might be putting themselves at risk. An unqualified engineer could lead to gas leaks, fires or carbon monoxide poisoning. Gas engineers must be able to give proof of their qualifications, including expiry, don’t trust any engineer that cannot show proof.

44% of customers admit to trusting a trades-person from personal presentation alone, make sure they present you with a Gas Safe ID as well. Preventing injury from gas means using qualified and competent engineers to install, service and maintain your gas appliances.

Checking an engineer eligibility to work with gas is as simple as asking for their Gas Safe ID. If further proof is required, check their ID number against the Gas Safe Register’s records. If they aren’t registered, send them away! Don’t trust an engineer based off of how official they look, or how friendly they seem to be.