Complete Gas Engineers Tool Kit for Just £349.99+P&P

A One Stop Shop For Gas Engineer Tools

Our Gas Engineers tool kit includes a professional aluminium case packed with a complete range of quality tools. We select some of the best tools needed in the daily lives of Gas Engineers to save you time and money. G&E Training’s Gas Engineers tool box includes quality tools like a metal cased REGIN ‘Premier 45’ manometer (450mm, up to 45mbr, blue fluid).

  • Solid aluminium briefcase with strap

  • Regin ‘Premier 45’ Manometer

  • 2 liquid bottles

  • Leak detection spray (400ml can)

  • Pliers (250mm)

  • Long nose pliers (135mm)

  • Long nose pliers (165mm)

  • Diagonal cutting pliers (110mm)

  • Lineman’s pliers (210mm)

  • Slip joint pliers (154mm)

  • Side cutting pliers (165mm)

  • 7 piece HEX key set

  • Wire stripper cutter

  • Utility knife (3 blades self loading)

  • Electricians’ scissors

  • Measuring tape (3m)

  • Blow brush (62mm)

  • IC extractor

  • Compact digital multimeter

  • 9 screwdrivers (flat & crosshead)

  • 6 electrical screw drivers

  • Fine tip straight tweezers

    • Utility component storage box

    • Hobby vice

    • Meter key

    • Junior hacksaw (150mm)

    • 5 piece needle file set

    • BAHCO 25 piece socket set

    • Electrical lighter (refillable)

    • Adjustable wrench (154mm)

    • Adjustable wrench 24mm x 150mm

    • Air duster (250mm)

Everything You Need to Begin Your New Gas Carreer for Just £349.99
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