Opportunities in Gas

It’s important to understand the role, challenges and benefits to being a gas engineer. We’ve written a brief overview of what it’s like to be a gas engineer, including how much one is likely to earn and what the career itself looks like.

Only Gas Safe registered engineers are allowed to work on gas boilers and appliances. There is a serious shortage of qualified gas engineers in our country. Are you ready to upgrade your earnings and take full advantage as a Gas Safe Engineer? Qualified plumbers can be fast-tracked through the whole process and will soon be qualified and be able to greatly expand existing trade skills, taking on lucrative central heating installations and gas work.

Qualities of a gas engineer:

  • Problem solving, utilising creativity alongside logic and reason to fix a multitude of issues
  • Be able to keep up with technological advances in a constantly evolving field
  • A competent knowledge of modern technology
  • Organisational and time-keeping skills to meet customer expectations
  • The responsibility of ensuring the safety of yourself and others around you
  • Be able to work well with a team
  • The capacity to learn all relevant safety legislation and procedures


Pay rates for new gas engineers working for firms are in the region of £28,000 annually, potentially rising to £42,000. Self-employed engineers with experience may see their salary rise to £50,000 and beyond. The high wages match the high demand for efficient and established engineers who are dedicated to upholding a golden standard of work. Think about what you’re currently earning as a plumber, are you earning close to your maximum earning potential? Maybe it’s time for an upgrade.


A career in gas opens up many different possibilities – from boiler installs to massive commercial deals. Due to a high demand for ‘Gas Safe’ engineers, it’s one of the most secure professions in the UK. Once sufficient experience is gained, you will be able to find a top position within the gas industry in no time. A career in gas means new locations, new people, new opportunities – are you ready for the responsibility?


Domestic engineers benefit from a wide range of different jobs within their industry, such as servicing boilers, fixing damaged heating systems and installing cookers. This means every day will involve a different challenge and you’ll rarely find yourself bored.

Furthermore, you won’t be tied to the same schedule every day and you won’t be stuck behind a desk; every working day will expose you to different environments and people. Self-employed gas engineers also have their say of what contracts to undertake, resulting in a completely independent role that differs based on the decisions of the individual. Do you feel bored with your current career path? Do you want more variety in what you do? Perhaps you want to take control of your own life and become a self-employed gas engineer? These are all questions you need to be asking yourself.


The gas industry demands a lot of physical and mental challenge, including skills in maths and communication, alongside levels of patience and the obvious manual skills which are required. You’ll find yourself in many situations which require fault finding and problem solving, often having to make important decisions every day. Are you ready to take on the many challenges that come with the job? If so, then a career in gas may be right for you, and if that’s the case… We’ll see you very soon!